Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Skype contacts in WM through...."contacts"?

Skype for Pocket PC adds a nice little menu feature to the WM Contacts application. I actually found this out while fiddling around on the Contacts applet of SPB Diary, but it works with the standard WM Contacts also. When you tap and hold a Contact, you will see a context sensitive menu. The last menu item was added by Skype and is labelled "Call With Skype". Now, there's no data field in the WM Contacts for a Skype ID, but presumably you could use Skype Out to call your contact, right? Well, what if you want to initiate a Skype to Skype call to a WM Contact? Without the data field, you can't.....or CAN you??? Yes, you can.

Follow the rest of the story and results over at the techADDICTION blog!

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