Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tech of Disney (part 1)

Barb & I travelled from Philly to Orlando on Friday to visit Mickey & Company at Walt Disney World. This is my 4th trip to Disney and I see more and more tech each time. This trip was no exception. I always knew how much tech it took to keep the park running optimally, not to mention all of the animitronics and other fun gadgets that entertain the masses.

The first "upgrade" I saw was immediately upon trying to enter the park. There are no longer any paper tickets to enter WDW, all tickets are plastic cards that are similar to credit cards. Each has a magnetic strip, for example. To enter the park, you must insert your card into the turnstyle. That in itself is nothing I haven't seen before, but in order get your ticket back, you need to insert your first and second fingers into the turnstyle. Apparently, there is a biometric scanner that "reads" your identity and associates it with your ticket. Once you scan your fingers, you may pass the turnstyle and your card is "spit out" for you to take.

I did ask Disney personnel what information is captured and what it's used for, but I think I scared the folks...they really didn't provide much additional info.

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