Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tech of Disney (part 2)

If you've ever travelled to Walt Disney World, you know that as soon as you enter the park, there are Disney folks waiting to snap a picture of you against a beautiful backdrop of the Magic Kingdom or some other prominent landmark. Disney of course offers prints of these pics at a price on your way out of the park. Previously, I've seen them take the pics and tell you that they will be available within an hour or so. This year, they're a little quicker.

I spoke with Lance, a Disney photographer, and he shared some cool info with me about his rig. He and his peers at the front of the park take the pics using a digital camera. I noticed that his was a Nikon, although I didn't catch the exact model. His Nikon is attached to a Sony Vaio U-70 via a USB cable. For those that don't remember, the U-70 is a handheld PC that runs full blown WinXP on a 5" screen. The Vaio hangs from a belt for the photographers. On a regular basis, the photos are transferred over from the Vaio to Disney's servers where they are quickly made available on the internet for 30 days. You can view or e-mail your photos at no charge during that time and of course you can even order prints as well. How do you know where to get your prints? You'll have to wait for my next post where I speak to Rick from Disney. He had a slightly different rig, but one that was even more effective even though it had less computing power.

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At 5/29/2005 9:28 PM, Anonymous David Ciccone said...

Very cool Kevin! I never knew that.


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