Sunday, May 01, 2005

techADDICTION show #8 available

Another fun show chock full o' tech! Here's an excerpt from James's write-up:

"Kevin and I are happy to bring you this edition of the techADDICTION Show and feel this is our best show yet. Well, to tell you the truth our contract with The Podcast Network states we HAVE to tell you that. But really, it’s true! We made a concerted effort to keep this show shorter than past shows and Kevin even switched from martinis to wine for the recording since we always stop the show when Kevin runs dry. :) It didn’t work, this show is as long as the others but it’s so chock full of conversation about cool devices, what we’re looking for in mobile tech, and some of the best Skype calls ever. Hope you enjoy and as always we need your feedback!"

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