Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Almost live reports from the Handango Partner Summit

techADDICTION co-host and good friend, James Kendrick, is having "fun in the sun" down in Miami, Florida. No, it's not a real vacation, James is attending the Handango Partner Summit. Watch for updates like this on his blog, which he is updating via his Tablet PC and wireless EVDO modem:

"All of the speakers made two things clear- mobile devices and technology are booming, driven by two areas: strong mobile phone sales and content delivery. The wave of the future is expected to be providing rich content, both audio and video, to the consumer market. This is backed up by the billion dollar per year ringtone business, something that has totally surprised industry analysts and experts. What do these analysts expect to be the Next Big Thing in mobile technology?"

You'll have to click the post title to see James's answer. ;) Wow, all of that "mobile goodness" in one place...I'm jealous!

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