Monday, June 27, 2005

Free XM Roady2 is here!

Today I recieved the free XM Roady 2 satellite radio reciever from the JCPenney's Dockers deal back in April.

XM Roady2

The unit only took about 45 minutes to unpack, activate and install in my Dodge Dakota. The install isn't 100% professional, but I think I did a nice job. The postage stamp sized antenna is on the roof of my truck and I ran the wire through the door jamb weatherstripping so you can't see it. From the door jamb, I found an access hole that I used to send the antenna wire from the exterior to the interior. I bound up the extra wire and secured it neatly out of sight behind the steering wheel.

I was able to activate the unit online and within 15 minutes I had full access to every channel. After the free three months, the subscription is $12.99 and if I reactivate Barb's built-in XM (in her Acura TL), it's only an additional $6.99 per month. First preset = Highway 16 (Country Music). A close second was the NASCAR channel! ;)

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