Wednesday, June 01, 2005

GreatNews is added to my RSS reader list

I mentioned a few weeks back that I'm trying decide which RSS reader is best suited for my research and blogging needs. I'm currently using trials of FeedDemon and Onfolio, but Dave Ciccone just threw another hat into ring: GreatNews, the Intelligent RSS reader.

Looks like there's a similar feature set across all three upon a quick glance. Ideally, I need an RSS reader that will

1. Save me time.
2. Allow me to filter for specific content within the feeds.
3. Provide a quick and simple way to blog from within feed reading.
4. Capture and save information offline for later use.
5. Integrate with the browser of my choice (currently Firefox).

If there are multiple RSS readers that meet these requirements, perform quickly and provide a clean UI, then the only factor left is price. More to follow as I use each on a daily basis.

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At 6/01/2005 9:09 AM, Anonymous Kay said...

Just in case you're curious:

Here's another interesting reader app:

maybe not for you, but for others ;)

At 7/18/2005 5:34 PM, Blogger levisu said...

Cool,man, here is some tips about greatnews that I wanna to share with you.
You can configure greatnews to use firefox by option–>usability. Tick box before ‘open rss link in external default browser’.
As in your case, firefox is your default one.
You can also use it as outlook style by ticking view–>news list.
After that, once you click on a special feed, you will see all the news you received are displayed in a pane one by one as every single email item looklike.


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