Thursday, June 30, 2005

Interview with Michael Smerconish

Wow! Thanks to the great work of a volunteer press agent, Barb & I will be on live radio tomorrow morning around 6:30am! Vince Kershner asked to help us out with press releases and scheduling when he heard about our Podcast To Troops idea. This morning Vince contacted us with an interview opportunity on the largest talk radio show in Philadelphia! We'll be live with the prolific and passionate Michael Smerconish tomorrow morning. We'll see if we can the audio file for everyone outside of the Philadelphia area. Hopefully this opportunity will provide more great messages to our Armed Forces overseas!

If you haven't left a voicemail for the troops yet, please consider doing so this holiday weekend as we celebrate our independence.

The official, full press release is after the jump!

Kevin Tofel and Barbara Braeunig (designers of Podcast To Troops) will
be on the Michael Smerconish/WPHT 1210 am radio show, tomorrow Friday
July 1st, for a live interview at 6:30 AM EST.

This 10 minute segment will talk about
and how a podcast transfers actual voice mails of support to the troops
that can listened to, by them anywhere in the world via their internet
connection, portable or desktop. Anyone who wants to send a message of
support to the troops can phone in their message to the website and
leave a message for all of those serving to hear.

I hope that you will consider having them as guests on your program,
especially at this 4th Of July Holiday.

Michael Smerconish
( is a frequent guest on CNN, Fox
News and MSNBC, (and substitute host for Fox News' Bill O'Reilly) for
his political/social commentary and the author of Flying Blind.

WPHT ( is the premier news/talk
program in Philadelphia.

Please listen in at 6:30am EST to 1210 AM and enjoy this couples
grassroots, non profit work in supporting the troops!

Vince Kershner
Vindication Entertainment Inc,
cell 610.587.0791

Both guests are available over this Holiday weekend

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At 6/30/2005 8:22 PM, Anonymous Paul J Manoogian said...

My friends, This is FANTASTIC news! Congratulations and the best of luck on your interview! We'll all be cheering you on from the other side of the digital airwaves! ;)



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