Saturday, June 04, 2005

Plantronics Customer Service: "This is not a drill!"

I've been using my Plantronics headset on a daily basis since January. When I decided to get involved in creating some podcasts, I knew I'd need a quality headset so after doing my "due diligence" I opted for the DSP 400 model. This is the dual speaker model that also has a Digital Signal Processor for the noise canceling microphone. In addition, it's a USB headset, which still leaves an open USB port on my Toshiba Portege M205. Lately, I've experienced some issues with the microphone. I believe that part of the unit has an intermittent short. Often times, the microphone completely overloads the input signal, which renders it useless. Anyone on the other end of a Skype conversation, for example, will hear a tremendous "buzzing" sound.

From a warranty perspective, Plantronics offers the following:

We at Plantronics realize that customer satisfaction depends not only on how the product works out of the box, but how well it performs over time. We are so confident in the quality, reliability and dependability of our products that we offer a full two year warranty on all our commercial products and a one year warranty on all non-commercial products.

Since I podcast up to 4 times per week, I really don't have the time to send the defective headset back and then wait for a replacement (which is the standard warranty procedure). I'm going to ask if they can send me a replacement first, so I can continue to work with what I have. I'll offer to give them a credit card number to charge me if I don't return the first headset. Let's see how this works out. Aside from the current issue, I'm very happy with the product. Now I'll see if I'm happy with the company's customer service!

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