Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Socket says: "Power to the People!"

So, you're on the run with your mobile device and the battery shows only a small charge left. Do you:

A. Gloat because you thought to bring a spare?
B: Panic because you didn't?
C: Throw your device at the floor in anger?
D. Remember this timely article from yours truly?

If the answer was "D", click the Read More link for additional info on a great mobile power solution from Socket!

I used to carry an iSun solar charger with me for my mobile devices, but I donated that to a mobile warrior serving America in Iraq. The Mobile Power pack from Socket may be just the replacement that I need.

Socket Mobile Power
"The Mobile Power Pack replaces multiple charging adapters with a hi-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that allows you to power up your devices multiple times on a single charge. It’s easy to carry and has the flexibility to charge mobile phones, media players, PDAs, digital cameras and more! Circuit protection ensures that there are no over or under voltages that may harm your device as well a light meter that let’s you know when the battery is 90% depleted. It features a USB plug for devices that can be charged through a USB port."

This power pack has a 7200mAh capacity so it can be utilized multiple times before the battery requires a recharge. At only 11 ounces and a size of 4" x 3" x 1" you can take this anywhere you travel. In addition, there are multiple cables and adaptors included so you've got the flexibility to recharge multiple devices. Socket sells for the Mobile Power Pack directly for $149, but you can find it for about $35 less as various online reatilers.

For a full PDF datasheet, visit the Socket site.

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