Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weblogs, Inc. & kct = blogging bliss?

As some of you may have heard via the Commute-Cast podcast, I've been in contact with the fine folks over at Weblogs, Inc. Judith and Jason were kind enough to consider allowing me to write for a WIN blog. I'm happy to announce today that I'm not only writing for one WIN blog. Instead, I have the great opportunity for write for three! Watch for my perspective, thoughts and news on the following:

Droxy: this digital radio blog is expanding to include podcasting as well. I might have a thing or two to contribute there! ;)
PVRWire: Recording the world of PVR's. VHS tapes? We don't NEED no stinkin' VHS tapes!
HD Beat: This brand new HDTV blog is right up my alley. It also explains why our two cats are named "Interlaced" and "Progressive".

I'm thrilled with this new gig where I'll get to work with some very talented bloggers. A thank you shout out goes to the folks at WIN, as well as others who continue to support my efforts. I won't name them here because Marc, James and Barb all know I appreciate their support. Oh, wait....I named them, didn't I?

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