Saturday, August 13, 2005

I'm ba-a-a-a-ck!

What a crazy few weeks its been! I've stepped away from the blog for a few reasons, but I'm back. It's always good to take a break, even when it's not one by choice. Here's the quick update and reasons for the absence.

I've had the opportunity to become the lead blogger over at HD Beat, so if you go there you can see I've upped my output significantly! I try to pump out ten good posts a day; sometimes I hit the goal, sometimes not, but you can always count on some good HDTV info there.

I also had some issues with my Tablet PC over the past few weeks. I wanted to run the recovery disk and rebuild it, but my external optical drive wouldn't power up. As a result, I tried working with Toshiba support several times over a two-week period, but that didn't work out. Thanks to a local computer repair shop, I got a brand new drive that I swapped with them. The Tablet is rebuilt and I'm back! :)

James and I recorded techADDICTION #19 today, watch for it tomorrow. Barb and I havne't done a Commute-Cast in a while due to the crazy schedule and Tablet issues, but I'm sure we'll be back soon too! Thanks to everyone who inquired about us. Rest assured, all is well!

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