Monday, August 22, 2005

SkypeOut test cuts the mustard

I've been an avid Skyper since late last year, slowly adding services as they become available. I'm a little behind on the SkypeOut service, simply because I didn't need it. Most of the folks I stay in touch with have the Skype client running on their workstations.

I took the SkypeOut plunge yesterday to call my parents (who are only 15 minutes away) and have to say that Skype is definitely a complete package. Short of no 911 support and some minor tweaks I'd like to see, I'd say that Skype can replace a land-line for sure and a mobile phone if one has mobile broadband like EVDO or EDGE.

The conversation with my father was clear and without echo. Sure, it sounded slightly distant and "tunnel-like", but I could use it on a constant basis with no issue. If you haven't tried the SkypeOut service, you'll have to ante up ten euros (or the equivilent), but that gets you roughly 10 hours to make calls from your PC to a phone. Not too shabby!

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