Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What a great community!

You know, there are just oodles of great people in this world I may never meet. I will communicate with them, but I will likely never physically meet them. Take Mike from Rochester, NY or Fahad from far-away Pakistan. They both sent me birthday wishes a few weeks back, which I greatly appreciated. Both are readers of my blogs and faithful podcast listeners as well.

Speaking of podcasts, take the talented James Kendrick who co-hosts techADDICTION with me. James is 1,500 miles from me and yet we talk almost daily. We "met" while posting to a Pocket PC enthusiast site a year and a half ago.

Most recently, Steve Hughes reached out to me because of something I said on one of our recent techADDICTION podcasts. Steve contributes to the popular Boston Pocket PC site and heard that I didn't receive a USB BlueTooth adapter James had sent me. Wouldn't you know that Steve had a few lying around and offered me one at no charge?

I just received the adapter yesterday, so thanks Steve! Once I get a few minutes to work with it, I'll reciprocate with a review. What a great community that's made of people like Steve, James, Fahad, Mike and the many other great people I may never meet. Think on that one the next time you're posting a comment or blogging on your latest passion. In our own little way, we're all shaping lives everywhere.

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