Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Google "grid" grows with WiFi

Hmm....Google rolling out WiFI. I guess we shouldn't be surprised. I downloaded the Google Secure Access Client which sets up a VPN connection. I also read the EULA and privacy policy. All of the security is done by going through Google gateways via the VPN. Ok, that's fine. So now Google will get ALL data from our network traffic and not just the data that goes through their page servers?

From the Privacy Policy:
We understand and respect that you are concerned about your privacy, that's one of the driving reasons why we created Google Secure Access. Using insecure networks, such as public wireless networks, can leave your internet traffic open to snooping by others in the vicinity of the wireless network. Google Secure Access helps address this problem by encrypting all traffic from and to your machine and passing it from the insecure network through a trusted gateway. If you choose to use Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted and sent through Google's servers to the internet, then received from those servers to be encrypted and sent back through our servers to your computer.

In fairness, later down in the policy Google indicates that they don't keep too much of that valuable info:

Google may log some information from your web page requests as may the websites that you visit. We do this to understand how Google Secure Access is being used and to improve our services. Google Secure Access does not log cookies and strips potentially sensitive query data from the end of requests to help better protect your privacy.

The "grid" continues to grow....

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