Monday, September 19, 2005

It's official: EV-DO in 2006 Dell notebooks

UPDATE: Dave's iPAQ is reporting that HP has worked out an EV-DO deal in notebooks also with Verizon!

Computerworld is confirming what I heard earlier today. Dell is planning to integrate EV-DO, or high-speed celluar data connectivity into select notebooks. The built-in EV-DO card will work on the Verizon Wireless network. I've had EVDO from Verizon for about three months and I've accomplished so much more because of it. If you want to know what I mean, take a look at my "day in the life" post from this weekend.

Hopefully, this deal will do two things. First, I hope that bunches of folks sign up for the EV-DO service so the price begins to drop. I signed up in June for unlimited broadband at $79.99 a month. I put 2 GB through the service in my first month, so it's certainly worth it. Earlier this month, I was pleased to find that Verizon dropped the price to $59.99, which is a little more tolerable. Hopefully, we'll see a price in the $30 to $40 range within the next 6 to 12 months.

I also hope this deal expands to other PC makers. Wireless broadband is an amazing thing and I hate to hog it all! ;)

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