Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Microsoft Windows Vista: day 1 is uneventful

So I added another partition to the Tablet PC last night. You didn't really think I bought the Ghost & Partition Magic bundle just for a backup strategy, did you? C'mon, I LIKE livin' on the edge! ;)

So far all I've done is to install the latest beta build. The install took 70 minutes and required minimal user intervention. In fact, all of the intervention was up front. As others have reported, the Tablet Input Panel floats on one side of the screen or the other. Not sure if I like that yet, but I'll play for a few days to see.

Right now the biggest impressions I have is that the look and feel is....well...."XP-ish". That and we're going to have to get some beefy graphics cards with plenty of dedicated memory in our notebooks. The new visualizations look to be fairly intense. Don't get me wrong; they're effective, but they are going to require some decent hardware for the full effect.

I haven't had much time to kick the tires just yet, but so far, it looks like most of the upgrade is under the hood. Time will tell.

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