Monday, September 19, 2005

Otterbox starts an, weblog

I love the Otterbox that I won from a Dave's iPAQ contest. The first thing I did when I got it was put a my Dell Axim X50v in and then submerge it underwater for three hours. Yeah, I live on the edge. The good news is: the Otterbox kept my baby dry as a baby's bottom. The even better news is: the fine folks over at Otterbox have joined the blogosphere! Here's an exerpt that sets the stage:

"What we would really like to do with this blog is create an open forum for our customers to talk about our products. Over the past few months we’ve gotten some great testimonials from divers, foresters, mountain climbers, students, soldiers, and others using our cases for their professional and recreational activities."

For you companies not paying attention: this is what you need to be doing! Open up a direct line-of-sight to your customers and then listen. James and I spoke about customer service in a previous techADDICTION show. I don't know if Otterbox was listening, but you can bet I'll be reading their blog. Welcome to the blogosphere Otterbox!

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