Monday, September 19, 2005

techADDICTION Podcast #22

Welcome back to techADDICTION #22- We talk about mobile goodness from all walks of the tech world. This show had a TA first with a correction for something we said in error on the last show. JK is stalking Robin Williams, Kevin won’t say how his day is going and both of us are scratching our heads over the PalmSource deal. Enjoy the show and leave cards and letters on the blog and don’t forget to leave us a message on the techADDICTION Skype line.

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick & Kevin Tofel

Kevin’s blogging his typical day (he thinks we care so just go along with him on this)
iPod Nano error

04:20 Access buys PalmSource

Windows Mobile Treo

09:00 Sprint PCS Vision Smart Device

15:25 GeekPod 100 from

21:00 Message from The Media Center Show

22:00 Fujitsu P1510D- now with Tablet Edition

Pictures on TabletPC 2

31:10 PocketPDF

34:30 Skype calls

Tim from Japan loves techADDICTION
Garry from Ohio teaches his wife how to use Skype
Len from Connecticut with backup advice

45:00 Wrap up

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