Saturday, October 29, 2005

All it takes is one Press Release?

Strange how a press release has sudden impact. See, I applied to "The Hive" back in June when it started. If you don't know what "The Hive" is, it's basically an on-line community to keep communication open between Microsoft and owners of technical websites. I've had my blog out there for over a year now and I thought I could apply and gain acceptance. Well, I was one for two. I could apply, but I was promptly turned down. And I was OK with that. I'm not as prominent as many other leaders in the on-line world, so I fully accepted the rejection. (Yes, I definitely got a rejection!)

Here comes the funny part.

Yesterday was the press release for our new mobile technology podcast, "MobileTechRoundup". Less than six hours after the press release, I received a very kind e-mail from one of the folks over at "The Hive" stating the following:

"Hello Mr. Tofel,

We're not sure how this occurred, but a review of our records shows that in June your application to The Hive forum was disapproved. This was obviously an error. Please accept our apologies for the mistake. We would very much welcome your participation in the Hive. Your credentials are approved and should be available for immediate login."

First of all, "Mr. Tofel" is my dad! ;) In any case, I've logged in and I'm a proud member of "The Hive." I don't really care how this happened, but it got me laughing. Do you think it was coincidence that I got this note right after the press release? I don't know and I really don't care, but I thought it was worth sharing.

Regardless of the circumstances, I'm glad to be a member of "The Hive." I fully expect it will give me a unique perspective on Microsoft's approaches and I'll be sure to share them here when I can!

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At 10/30/2005 11:00 AM, Blogger MikeScott8 said...

well no matter what got you in, THEY are lucky to have you in the Hive. Now maybe you can actually get demo items for the podcast like you and James always joked about.

At 10/30/2005 11:30 AM, Blogger Kevin C. Tofel said...

Thank Mike! I'm still wondering why they let my Dad in??? Just kidding...

At 10/30/2005 8:27 PM, Anonymous Paul J Manoogian said...

I think you need to develop more! That's my take. Yes, more development projects so they like you better. ;)


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