Saturday, October 01, 2005

Keep your Intel Pro 2200BG drivers updated

James wrote about various WiFi issues with the Intel Pro 2200BG chipset back in August and I had to revisit it today. My 802.11g connection is sporadically dropping and disconnecting again.

I did find that there are some newer drivers; the latest version is from Intel. I've just upgraded about an hour ago, but still seeing issues. It's as if the WiFi chip decides to drop me and do a scan for nearby networks. Quite a few WiFi networks have popped up at my neighbors houses lately, so I'm wondering if this is a network contention issue. If you've had the problem, do you have multiple WiFi networks in range of you?

I've tried to exclude the other networks but it doesn't seem to matter. Intel, what's the deal? Oh, and to my neighbors: please set up some type of security on your open WiFi networks!

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