Saturday, October 01, 2005

nano is smaller than you might think

I couldn't wait for you guys to tell me if I should get one, so I grabbed a black, 4GB nano after work. First impression: it's smaller than it looks on TV. It's super-fast in terms of music transfer over the USB 2.0 cable. 615 songs took a mere 3.5 minutes. Yowza, that was quick! The sound quality is excellent, even with the included earbuds. Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase.

To help illustrate the minuscule size of this thing, I put it next to some of my gear that's easily recognizable. Here's how it looks next to a Dell Axim x50, a Compact Flash card, an EV-DO modem in the PCMCIA form factor and a Toshiba Tablet PC pen. Keep in mind that I can just fit the Axim in a shirt pocket; with the nano, I can carry it in a jeans coin pocket with no issue at all.

As far as thickness, well, there isn't any. I should actually call it "thinness" because that's more appropriate. Here is a side-shot of the nano in between the Compact Flash card and the EV-DO modem. Yeah, see the slim silver thing in the middle there? That's the nano! As an experiment to see how intuitive and simple the iPod is to use, I handed it to my eight-year-old son, Tyler. He's never held an iPod before, so I did this on the Commute-Cast podcast on our drive home yesterday. Hop on over and see what he has to say in episode 35!

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At 10/02/2005 10:50 AM, Blogger MikeScott8 said...

cool!! I asked my wife for one for my brithday at the end of this month. I doubt I will be getting it, but will hold off until then to be sure. Otherwise I will probably pick one up the first part of November. I look forward to hearing your real real life experiences with it.


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