Sunday, October 09, 2005

An "-ology" you've never heard of...until now!

Well, there's plenty of "-ology's" out there; they're the study of various things. There's physiology, kinesiology, and even Scientology (you're welcome Tom Cruise). How about the study of Tablet PC's? Simple: it's Tabletology, the newest Tablet PC blog from Olga and Lynette!

What a great Tablet PC resource site that covers various aspects of Tablet PCs in various locations. I especially like the pics of the Tablet in different places; in fact, it's given me an interesting idea that I'll implement within the next few weeks (thanks ladies!). If you're looking for another great Tablet site to add to your favorite RSS reader, give Tabletology a click. I'm sure you'll do what I did and subscribe to their RSS feed.

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