Friday, October 14, 2005

video iPod: good case for Windows Mobile iTunes

So let's think about this for a second. Apple says "Let there be video on iPods" and it was good. Apple says "Let there be downloadable videos on iTunes" and it was good. On the third day, Apple rested and it was good. What does it mean?

For most people, it means more money to shell out; both for the video iPod and the content. Hey, Apple is a business, so I'm OK with that. It's just that I think it means more. I think it means there IS a Windows Mobile version of iTunes coming. Not just for music mind you, but for videos too.

Can anyone tell me what the resolution of iTunes videos are? Yup, they're QVGA or 320 x 240 on the new video iPod. Good. Now can anyone tell me what the most prominent screen resolution is of a Windows Mobile device? If you said QVGA or 320 x 240, you'd be right. Add the fact that Windows Media Player for Windows Mobile devices is one of the least advanced of the internal applications and we might be on to something here. My take is that we'll see iTunes for Windows Mobile before the holiday, along with plenty more QVGA content.

You might think that Apple wouldn't provide content for devices that compete against their iPods, but think about how many Windows Mobile devices are out there would love to show off a $1.99 video?

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