Monday, October 31, 2005

Welcome my father to the Digital World!

What a fun way to get folks involved in digital technology. Yesterday, I stopped over at my parents house for dinner, since today is my father's birthday. I'd been kicking around doing an interview with my dad, since his uncle has a unqiue connection to the 1952 movie "Stalag 17." The story doesn't stop there, however. There's a "Hogan's Heroes" connection as well, so I asked my dad to tell the story and sure enough: we did a podcast!

The interview-style podcast is only 12 minutes long and is featured over at Cinematical is a sister-blog to HD Beat on the Weblogs, Inc. network where I also write as the Lead Blogger. 'Nuff said: if you have 12 minutes, head on over and listen to the podcast. C'mon, you've gotta have 12 minutes: you just got 60 minutes back yesterday! ;)

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