Sunday, October 09, 2005

What is Google searching for?

I typically look at my website stats several times per day. Today is no exception, but there is something different. Someone (or something?) over at Google in Mountain View, CA was on the site a short while ago. If you click the image above, you can get an up close look. I know that Google spiders the site, but those hits have never showed up here before. Either something has changed with the spidering, which I doubt, or someone was looking around.

Hey, that's cool; that's why I write: so people will read. Quick hint though: if you're looking for anything in particular here, just use the Google search box I've added to search the site! ;) What's really interesting is that all of the OS, browser and resolution stats are blank or unknown. Google, what are you hiding from?

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At 10/10/2005 10:08 AM, Blogger MikeScott8 said...

looks like the linkback code you added to your template is not working. (once you get it working let me know as I would like to add it to my blog)

as for this post... do you think it might be people connecting through Goggles Secure WiFi? Just a thought since the picture shows ISP as Google. It might not be someone at Google but someone using Google's WiFi systema nd the proxy servers (if that is what is used) strips all the other data.

Just a thought...


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