Tuesday, November 01, 2005

iPod nano cases for pre-order at Sena

Got an iPod Nano? Need a case? Of course you do and so do I. I've taken good care of my little four-gigger, but she's in need of some serious protection. As I mentioned a few weeks back, one of my favorite case manufacturers has one coming soon. In fact, SenaCases is now allowing you to pre-order a custom, leather case for your nano in your choice of ten luscious colors. I'm a pretty traditional kinda guy, so I usually opt for the tan.

Sena is offering the pre-order cases at a 10% discount, so you can order one today for $25.19 and expect it to ship around the end of November. As usual the Sena design team thinks of everything. There are cutouts for your headphones and for the hold button. There is full screen protection and if you unsnap the case, it looks like you can USB synch the nano without removing the case. I'm gettin' one, how about you?

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