Friday, November 11, 2005

Kevin & Scott: you're the first team to arrive

It's the WINStock Amazing Race and Team Philly has reached the pitstop first. Kevin & Scott traveled from Center City, Philadelphia over the Outercrossing Bridge to Staten Island, over the Verrazano, under the Battery Tunnel, up Broadway the wrong way (ouch!) and then spent 90 minutes going the last two miles to the parking garage.

Ana at the front desk indicated that we were the first to reach this pit stop. What have we won for our effort on this leg of the race. Nothing but pride. :)

One other solemn note: our route took us right alongside of the World Trade Center location. It was extremely moving to see nothing there other than the American people that still visit the site to this day. As tragic as 9/11 was, I am thankful that my route took me past. God Bless....

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