Friday, November 04, 2005

Nokia 770 available in U.S. next week

Om Malik just broke the news a little while ago on the U.S. availability of Nokia's Internet Tablet. How ironic that we just spoke about this device on MoTR? We figured the device will run about $300, but there's no word on the exact price just it. It fetches 245 Euros overseas and that's around $292 over here, but we'll see. You'll be able to order direct from Nokia starting on 11/10.

The device is appealing to me based on it's small form-factor and apparent ease-of-use. I've never owned a Linux device (the 770 runs a flavor of Debian), but I have used Opera, which is the browser out of the box. Nokia is betting heavy on WiFi here since there is no cellular or other broadband capability; odd for a phone company, but the old days of cellular service are over. 3g data schemes like EVDO and EDGE as well as WiFi and soon, WiMax, are what Nokia figures we'll all use for connectivity.

Hmmm....$300....Christmas is coming, but everything I can do on the 770 can be done on my Tablet or PDA....hmmmm....thoughts? Anyone?

UPDATE: I was just reviewing the official product specs of the 770 and noticed this; too bad my cellular carrier cripples the Bluetooth in their phones! "The Nokia 770 Inernet Tablet is designed to meet Bluetooth Specification 1.2, Dial-up Networking, Generic Access, SIM Access, File Transfer, and Serial Port profiles. To ensure compatibility with other devices with Bluetooth technology, check with the device manufacturer. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc."

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