Sunday, November 27, 2005

Time for a break and a change?

I've taken some time off from the personal blog, but I haven't taken time off from blogging. No, there are plenty of posts on HD Beat and if you're interested in building an HDTV WMCE PC for under a grand, take a look at my current series in progress. The Media Center machine is all set in the house, so we can now record high-definition television. Next up will be to use an Xbox 360 to stream the high-def content throughout the house, but you'll have to tune in to HD Beat for the details!

I've also used this time to think about my blog: where do I want to take it, how much time do I want to (or can I) spend on it, etc... One of the decisions I've made is to move the blog. Yup, in the very near future, I'll be powered by basically because I can do more with that platform. Blogger has been great to get me started over a year ago, but I've outgrown the functionality. I'll be forwarding folks from the domain, so there's no URL change unless you use I'll handle the RSS feed as well, so there should be no impact to subscribers.

I'm still thinking about how often I want to blog and if want to make this more of a personal blog. I'm open to thoughts on that one, so suggestions are welcome!

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At 11/27/2005 5:10 PM, Blogger liquidblaze said...

I'd make this semi personal and don't forget to do the occassional CommuteCast show.

Import content from Blogger: see for more information :)

At 11/27/2005 7:36 PM, Blogger Kevin C. Tofel said...

Thanks for the thoughts and the great tip Kay! I'm not sure if I can use the tip for; remember, I'm not running the WP software, I'm using WP's service to host. It should work but we'll have to see. Thanks!


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