Friday, December 16, 2005

BLINK: we like it, mostly

Have you noticed any upgrades to the credit card machines at retailers across the country? Did you recently get a new card from your credit card company? Look for "Blink" on both your cards and store card readers; methinks this will be big.

Blink appears to use some RFID tag in your card, so you don't have to swipe and sign anymore. Barb and I went to get some coffee (at WaWa, of course) and Barb tried her new credit card, which is Blink-able. She passed the card over the reader, we heard a short tone, and a receipt popped out of the cash register indicating that the purchase was complete. No signing, no verification of identity, nothing.

We like the ease of use, but this type of technology should raise your awareness for your credit cards. Lose your card and you'll have to report it lost as soon as possible. We need to start embedding these in the reloadable Gift Cards; those magnetic strips don't last long in my opinion.

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