Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bookeen giving free WiFi cards with Cybook

Just got a note from Bookeen, the folks that make the Cybook standalone eBook reader:

"For new year holidays, Bookeen offers a Wireless LAN compact Flash Card with every Cybook bought on its online shop. The Cybook ebook reading device has been designed to provide the best e-reading experience. Now, it also gives you access to your favorite broadband wireless Internet services.

Thanks to its 800x600 color display (either in portrait or landscape mode) and its embedded Internet Explorer application, you will be able to browse your favorite web sites, seated comfortably in your couch or while on the go. You will not need anymore to be at your desk to read and answer your emails. You will even be able to access all your ebook files stored in the hard disk of your computer. This last feature will virtually unbound the storage capacity of the Cybook."

The Cybook is a nice device that I had as a demo unit last year; one of the minor issues I saw with the device was a dial-up modem connection for downloads. There was a card slot on the device and it's nice to see Bookeen throw in the ability to use it for free! The Cybook with WiFi costs $399 this holiday season, which is roughly 40% less in cost than last year.

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