Monday, December 12, 2005

Cyberphone moves up the alphabet

Speaking of Skype earlier today, the folks over at Cyberphone are moving from the Model "K" to the Model "W". Sort of reminds me of the early Henry Ford days...anyway, these are the USB handsets that are Skype compatible. I personally like to use a USB headset to keep my hands free for martinis and blogging (not necessarily in that order), but I wouldn't mind trying out one of these new models to feel the experience. Frankly, we'll all be using VoIP with headsets or handsets before we know it, so why fight it? More details and specs after the jump.

According to the VoIPVoice Shop:
The Cyberphone-W USB handset is slightly smaller, weighs a little less and has even more fantastic features when used with Skype.
The handset differs from its predecessor with more keys, more visible LED's and with wideband MP3 quality sound, Skype users can make Skype calls like never before!
Fully integrated with Skype technology and available exclusively for Skype users, it is just like using a regular telephone.
The Cyberphone-W is a two-piece handset and base powered by the USB on the PC.
Access and use Skype direct from the telephone and benefit from unique features including: voice activated dialing and voicemail alerts.

The Cyberphone "W" sets you back $59.99 which includes delivery. This phone doesn't work with Macs, but that should change in the near future. If there's a need to be hands-free like me, you can purchase an optional mini-headset.

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