Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Podcast reviews on iTunes

Apple seems to have snuck in a new feature into iTunes: podcast reviews. I say "snuck" because I didn't see any announcements just yet. Trust me they're in there. So what can you do?
  • Rate a podcast from 1 to 5 stars
  • Write up to a 6,000 character review
I would expect that we see some new podcast rankings based on user feedback in the near future. I'm not sure that's as good as the subscriber-based rankings; let's face it: you're not likely to subscribe to a show that you don't want to listen to. Why waste your bandwidth and disk space?

On a related note: if you like the MobileTechRoundup podcast that I do with James and Dave twice per week, you can write an iTunes review by clicking this link. Oh, and the new episode just went live at 9 am this morning too. This was a fun one, so don't miss it! We've got a big giveaway contest going right now but you have to enter by December 20th, so don't wait!

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