Thursday, December 15, 2005

SPAM: the game

Some of the Junk e-mail I get is actually amusing. Is there nothing that folks won't promote? Since most of you use spam and junk mail filters, you may actually be missing out on some funny notes! Just take these Subjects from the last few hours in my Outlook:

  • "You Need a Credit Card" - Really? Just how do these folks know this? Besides, the smartest thing I ever did was pay off all of my credit card debt a few years back. I now use an American Express and pay it all off each month.
  • "Personalized Golf Balls Guaranteed to Arrive by Christmas" - That's great, but around Christmas time we pretty much have a foot of snow on the courses, so why rush the golf balls. Oh, and since I only play golf about four times a year, my handicap is about a 30; I don't think having my name on the balls is really going to help.
  • "Take our Nationwide Candy Survey!" - Gee, that's really sweet, but I think I'll pass. If you're going to use the World Wide Web to market your surveys, why not make them Worldwide Candy Surveys?
I think I just invented a new game based around junk e-mail. Anyone else want to play?

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