Monday, February 28, 2005

Create your own font with digital ink

Click the post title for the power toy.

Thanks to Christopher at tabletpcplace for the story!

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How To: Listen to podcasts on your Pocket PC

PocketPC Magazine subscribers already saw this; at least I HOPE they did! My first print article was published in last month's issue and explains how to listen to podcasts on a Windows Mobile device. I wrote this article back in the "golden age" of podcasting: October, 2004! I thought back then that podcasting would continue to grow as a media and content trend. It think it's safe to say I was on target! I think this article is a good introduction to newer Windows Mobile users that want to listen to podcasts...of course, I'm biased! ;)

Up until today, you had to purchase the print copy of PocketPC Magazine. The article is now available directly on the PPCMag website:

"Consumers and end-users are constantly looking for ways to expand the functionality of the Pocket PC. One of the most innovative ways is to participate in "podcasting," a new media movement that surfaced in October of this year. Podcasting is a way to broadcast audio content online. Similar to a text-based Web log ("blog"), podcasting lets people post their opinions and thoughts on the Web in audio form. Currently, there are no controls, regulations, or censoring activities associated with podcasting. All you need is a way to digitally record whatever it is you want to "podcast," using a setup as simple as a computer and a microphone. You can record your thoughts on any subject, conduct live interviews, add background music, and more."

Click the post title for the full text, instructions and pics using Doppler & Microsoft ActiveSync. It's interesting to me to see how much podcasting has grown and changed in the past 6 months. Reading this story is like a personal time-capsule for me on the subject and I hope you enjoy it. On a funny sidenote: it's actually quite fun to quote or link to your own written work! :^)

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

techADDICTION status

In case you missed the news (although I've hyped it enough to make sure you couldn't miss it!) the first techADDICTION podcast is in post production. In fact, James and I are already planning the meat and potatoes of the next show which I would expect to record within the next 2 or 3 days. Keep in mind that we're working out the kinks to make sure the sound quality is up to snuff. Between that and a 13 hour time difference with our Australian counterparts, Mick and Cam, we're a little behind. I believe that quality takes precedence over quantity however, and I hope you agree! More to come here as details unfold, but you can always check us out at The Podcast Network. If you haven't visited TPN already, check it out because we already have the following shows published:

G'day World
The Gadgets Show
The Mobiles Show
The Jazz Show
Claybourne (a serial)

Watch The Podcast Network as new shows unfold and remember to check out The Tablet PC show also; my co-host of TechADDICTION is the sole 'caster and he won me over to a Tablet! You can trust James to give you the real scoop on The Tablet PC show!

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

How To: Save Skype voicemail as an .mp3

One of the reasons I want some voicemail capability in Skype is to use the messages for my podcasts. What a great way to get questions & comments that can be played back in a podcast for the listeners. At least that's the theory! In practice, it's not as cut and dry as that, simply because the voicemail audio is not saved as a usable file on your local machine. Once you play a voicemail in Skype, it does save locally; however it is saved in a .DAT file that I haven't been able to play back outside of the Skype client.

I put my thinking cap on yesterday and approached this issue from a different angle. I use audio recording software for my podcasts, so could I leverage that to save my voicemails in an audio recording. The simple answer is YES but I should mention that this is a manual effort. In it's current beta, Skype VM doesn't yet offer a way to do this automatically. Full details of the simple process are after the "Read More!" jump.

What you need:
1. Skype VM (currently in beta, by invite only)
2. Digital audio recording software. I currently use the open source freeware called Audacity
That's it; no special cables or "virtual recording" software is needed.

First you need to open both the Skype application and Audacity. Once you have both applications active, go to Audacity and click File, Preferences. Scroll to the Interface tab and ensure that the Enable Mixer Toolbar is checked:

Now scroll over to the Audio I/O tab and ensure that the Channels option is set to "1 (Mono)". You could use 2 channel or stereo for this, but it's not necessary. Check your recording device setting as well. Generally the default will work but you may need to experiment if you have special sound cards or integrated audio:

Click OK to save your preferences and go to the main Audacity screen. Look for the input drop down and set it to Mono Out like I have below. This will set up Audacity to record any audio that you will play on your laptop or desktop:

Very important next steps:
1. If you have a headset plugged in (USB or regular), unplug them. I found out through trial and error that this method does not work if my USB headset is plugged in; probably because the sound can only be piped to one output.
2. Move the input level (next to the microphone icon) all the way to the left, indicating an input level of 0.0. Again, through trial and error I found that any input level higher tends to result in a recording that is distorted because the gain is too high.

Next, click the record button on Audacity. You should generally see a flat sound wave indicating that Audacity is in recording mode, but there is no signal to record. Once you see this, go over to Skype and click the play button on your voicemail message.

You will hear the message played back on your speakers, but Audacity will also be recording the message internally. Once the message is complete, click the stop button on Audacity. Your result should be a visual sound wave representation of the voicemail:

The final step is to encode the file into the format of your choice. Audacity can handle encoding of audio to .mp3, .wav. and even .ogg. Chose File, Export As and then the format of your choice. To give you an idea of how this sounds, I'm publishing an 11 second .mp3 of a recent test Skype voicemail from James Kendrick. James is none other than my co-host on the techADDICTION podcast over at The Podcast Network. (Thanks for the message James and I'll record a better VM greeting soon!)

Click here to listen to or download the sample .mp3 voicemail (11 seconds, 87.3 Kb)

This should get you started with a simple, manual method to save your Skype voicemails. Feel free to experiment with other methods, but be sure to come back and post your experiences. In the meantime, I'm still looking for voicemails in this beta, so please don't hesitate to Skype Me! If you request it and send me your e-mail address, I will create an .mp3 of your voicemail and send it back to you so you can hear the end result!

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15% off at new eBook store!

Earlier this week Dave's iPAQ announced a new eBook partnership with Fictionwise, Inc.:

", the world’s leading independent eBook retailer, and, one of the Internet’s leading websites for news and resources on iPAQs and mobile technology, have teamed up to launch a unique eBook store.
The eBook store features 24,000 eBooks, including many New York Times bestsellers such as novels by Dan Brown, Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Lisa Kleypas, Robin Hobb, Janet Evanovich, Laurell K. Hamilton, Terry Brooks, Michael Connelly, Isaac Asimov, and many others. The website features both unencrypted and encrypted eBooks in 12 formats, including many specifically designed to be read on PocketPCs and other handheld devices."

If you're looking for another eBook-store, give this new partnership a spin. There is a 15% discount offer code in the announcement, so click the post title to take advantage. Best of luck Dave & Fictionwise!

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Friday, February 25, 2005

Commute-cast 02/24/2005

Barb joins the show as a special guest (due to snow)! ;)

Length: 28 minutes
Size:12.3 MB

Click the post title to listen (or get Doppler)!

- Intro by Paul J. Manoogian; it's Thick!
- Weather and time. (I blew the date again!)
- Let's have a big welcome for Barb!
- Barb realizes she is a "TV-snob" the same as kct.
- Great HDTV links:
----- = find local HDTV and a good antenna
----- = what free HDTV content is available in your area
- Is our friend addicted to Worlds of Warcraft? (part 1)
- Good deed of the day; kct & barb stop a school bus for a laggard!! Boy is that kid pissed! ;)
- Is our friend addicted to Worlds of Warcraft and is he a "game-pusher"? (part 2)
- Gotthava WaWa!
- kct's view on content revenue vs. hardware or software revenue.
- Paul thinks Apple should give the iPod away and make $$$ on iTunes.
- Gotthava WaWa #2!
- New iPod mini models announced.
- Where is help at Best Buy when you need it (or where can I get a blue shirt and yellow nametag?)
- What genre is Norah Jones anyway???
- Is this show stupid, silly or entertaining?
- Google adds phrases and reviews to movie searches as well as showtimes.
- Speculation on a Google calendar.
- More Internet Explorer 7.0 facts and fiction from Paul Thurott.
- Why does WaWa coffee taste better at WaWa?
- What is the "seasoned coffee pot" that Barb mentions and where can I buy one???
- techADDICTION podcast #1 with James Kendrick is in post-production.
- Does kct sound sexier than James? Barb thinks so.... ;)
- Leave me Skype Voice Mail for the beta test.
- Drive safely so I don't have to!

Send me feedback!

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Changes coming for Microsoft XP activations

I remember when Microsoft instituted the "activation" requirement of Windows XP. You remember it too, don't you? You had to have your laptop or desktop contact Microsoft's servers within a certain period of time or the operating system would cease to work. You also had to avoid moving that XP license from one piece of hardware to another or worse yet, you ran the risk of activation issues if you significantly upgraded or changed the same computer. My how the times are a changing...Microsoft-Watch reports that the policy is about to change for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers):

"Microsoft has required users not covered by volume-license agreements to register their XP copies via the Internet or phone using their unique product keys. As of next week, however, Microsoft plans to curtail the number of users relying on the Web to activate their copies of XP.
As of February 28, Microsoft will disable Internet activation for all Windows XP product keys located on Certificates of Authenticity (COA) labels that are distributed by the 20 top worldwide PC vendors. Microsoft will be relying on these PC makers to do the activation for users."

OK, so now the manufacturer will have to activate XP. Sounds good as it could save me precious time, but is it all good? Hmmm.....what rigmarole will I have to go through for a system restore or what if I want to completely wipe the hard drive and reinstall with the license I paid for? I realize why Microsoft is doing this, but there has to be a better way to combat pirated operating systems. While we figure out what that is: for any new PC buyers after February 28th: be aware of the new policy.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Using Skype VM = Day 1

As I reported yesterday, I'm participating in the Skype VM beta for the next 60 days. I've only seen limited use so far, with just two voice mail messages. I've used the third party Skype Answering Machine (SAM) previously and I can already see that Skype VM functions better. The voicemails are clearer and both of them worked just fine. I've had some "drops" with SAM for some reason.

It might be premature, but I already have a few issues that I plan to send as feedback and questions to the Skype team. Want to see my thoughts after Day 1? Click the Read More link!

My first issue is that I can't check my voicemail from any internet connection. My thought is: if I'm going to pay for this service when it goes live and all of the voice files are on Skype servers, why can't I sign in to My Account on the Skype website and retrieve my messages? From what I can see, listening to messages will require a Skype client. For those in a fairly locked down work environment, this means you might not be able to check your Skype VM at work. Perhaps a non-issue, but it would be nice.

My second thought is: once I play a VM message, it is downloaded and stored locally on my PC. Why can't I play it back, save as an audio file (.mp3 or .wma), send it somewhere, etc...? The file is saved locally as a .dat file and so far, I see no way to listen to it with any kind of audio player. I'm assuming it's a proprietary format for the Skype client only, and if so, I'm disappointed.

It's not all bad, however. The VM functionality works well so far. The messages are as clear as a live Skype call, which makes sense since the caller is recording their message over the Skype network. I do like how Skype notifies me upon login of message and provides a small cassette icon next to my name to show folks that I have Skype VM. More to follow, but I thought to share my initial thoughts.

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OneNote vs. EverNote

Let the productivity battle begin!


CNET has two recent reviews of both One Note and EverNote(beta). I'm recent convert to One Note simply because it enhances and extends my Toshiba Portege M205 Tablet PC. I can copy screen clippings, drag pics, pull URL's, whatever. The possibilities are nearly limitless. In addition, you can organize your thoughts with a tabbed notebook interface that doesn't exist in any other Office product. One Note also fully supports digital ink making it a must-have for any Tablet PC owner. So why even look at Evernote (or anything else for that matter)? Simple: cost. OneNote retails for $99, while Evernote retails for $0. That's right: free!

Over the next few weeks in my spare time (yeah right!), I'll take a look at EverNote and see if it can replace OneNote for me. In the meantime, if you are either a OneNote or EverNote user, chime in with a comment and let me know which you use and why.

For the CNET reviews, click the respective product image above.

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Local events added to SPOT watches

If you're looking for something to do and have a SPOT watch, look at your wrist! MSN Direct just added local events to the Calendar channel:

"Use your Smart Watch with MSN® Direct to stay in touch with the latest local arts and entertainment events in a city near you. You can choose from 27 different event categories (including concerts, art exhibits, festivals, and plays), and have up to 20 events per day sent right to your wrist. Traveling? Enter your travel destination on the MSN Direct Web site and discover interesting things to do when you arrive."

Using the local events only takes up 75 precious storage blocks (out of the 1,000) that a SPOT watch has and is powered by CitySearch. You can choose up to 5 categories of cultural and entertainment categories. I wanted to choose the "Country" music event category 5 times, but they only let me choose it once! ;)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Are ISP's blocking VoIP?

As much as I like unregulated services so that consumers can drive competitors, here's one good reason to have a regulatory agency. According to Advanced IP Pipeline, Vonage has confirmed that at least one rural LEC (Local Exchange Carrier) is blocking their Voice over Internet Protocol phone service:

"Vonage Holdings confirmed Monday that it has complained to the Federal Communications Commission about "an instance of portblocking of our service," according to a company spokesperson. After initially saying Monday morning that it would not comment on the report of its complaint, Vonage vice president for corporate communications Brooke Schulz sent an email Monday evening with the following response:

"We met with the FCC to discuss an instance of portblocking of our service by a high-speed Internet provider. We sought the FCC's counsel on how to proceed with this issue. There has been no formal complaint filed, nor have we had any subsequent discussions with the FCC regarding the details as we understand they plan to look into the matter."

I hope that the FCC looks into this alleged service blocking and quickly takes action to prevent it. More importantly, I'm concerned for VoIP users; both current and future. This type of simple service blocking would be a serious issue if (as the trend suggests) we all go to VoIP as opposed to POTS service. Sounds like it wouldn't take much for any disreputable hackers or others to seriously disrupt the phone network.....hmmm....this has me second guessing the early adoption of VoIP at home. :(

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I'm beta testing Skype VM

Thanks to Eric Gunderson over at Development Seed, I received a beta invite to the Skype Voice Mail service. My account is set up and I would welcome any readers of the "digital world" or listeners to the "commute-cast" to Skype me and leave a message.

My hope is that you can Skype me in the future to leave questions for the site or even for playback during a podcast, so don't be shy about leaving a message! In fact, I still have Gmail accounts left, so if you want one, leave me a Skype VM with your e-mail address and one piece of feedback on my site or podcast.

Skype VM appears to reside on the Skype servers in the P2P network. As far as I can tell, my VM greeting wasn't saved locally, but was uploaded. If the VM functionality resides on the Skype servers, then I shouldn't need to be logged in to Skype for you to leave me a VM. As a result of this service, it's a safe bet that Skype will charge for this functionality. Before I worry about that, I have two months to beta test, so how about it? SKYPE ME!!!

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g wiz that's cheap: 802.11g for 10 clams!

I know that these types of posts have a short shelf life, but I couldn't let you down by keeping this myself. This week in my CompUSA flyer, I see that they are offering the Netgear WGR614 router for $9.99 after rebate. Original price is $69.99 and there is a $60 rebate!

If you've been waiting to upgrade your 802.11 "a" or "b" router for your cable or DSL connection, you might want to check this out. Remember that the 802.11g devices are backwards compatible, so if you have some wireless devices on the slower standards they will still work. The router is capable of wireless speeds around 54 Megabits per second (Mbps), although with overhead for the routing and error checking of packets, you will probably realize about 50% to 75% of that speed. Either way: much faster than the 11Mbps of 802.11b!

Click the post title for the product link at CompUSA.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Motorola MPx goes on a slimming diet

Although there are no pics out yet, Mobile Tracker is reporting that Motorola was showing off a leaner and meaner version of the MPx Smartphone at the 3GSM conference in Cannes, France:

"Motorola CEO Ed Zander has been showing off a RAZR-thin version of the Motorola MPx to a select few in Cannes according to a Reuters report. Internet rumors have been predicting this device for some time, calling it the RAZRberry."

Here's a pic of the current MPx version:

Compared to Moto's RAZR V3 (and corresponding new models such as the PEBL and the SLVR), the "old" MPx looks like a brick. Hello Moto: if you can get me SmartPhone \ Windows Mobile functionality in a "RAZR"-thin and sexy casing, you just might get me to trade in this:

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Cyberspace auction next week

Looking for that one of kind gift for the ultimate cyber-geek? Look no further, just save up your money and prepare yourself for a Christie's auction unlike you've ever seen:

"Lots on offer include an early version of a data storage disc dating from 1951, weighing 5.5 pounds which could only hold about the equivalent of one paragraph of text. Also on offer is a 1946 business plan for a company to design and build a "multi-purpose rapid computing machine of moderate cost. The plan was drawn up by pioneers J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly, whose list of possible users of their machine is remarkably prescient, if limited. It includes banks, insurance companies and government census offices."

The auction is called "The Origins of Cyberspace" and begins next week. I was impressed that my Commodore 64 still fires up, but this is leaps and bounds ahead of that!

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I'm back baby!

If you noticed that I've been absent since Friday morning's commute-cast, that's because I've been....well....absent! I took a long overdue weekend to spend with my significant other in the Pocono Mountains, about 100 miles from where we live. If you're overly curious or just have nothing better to view on the web, you can see where we stayed at Eagle Rock Resort. If you decide to go there, however, send me a note as we do get some nice referral gifts! ;)

In any case, I'm back and ready to bring you more digital tech. In fact, tonight James Kendrick and I put the final wraps on the first techADDICTION podcast which you will soon see (or hear!) exclusively at The Podcast Network! While I upload the big ol' podcast file via FTP, I'll get some additional stories out there for you.'s good to be back!

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Commute-cast 02/17/2005

A bigger download = a bigger show! :)

Length: 33.5 minutes
Size:15 MB

Click the post title to listen (or get Doppler)!

- Intro by Paul J. Manoogian; it's Thick!
- Weather and time.
- Speeding through a yellow light!
- T-Mobile's new hybrid Cellular \ WiFi phone.
- Good bye piggies!
- Gotthava WaWa!
- Sony Ericsson to release a Walkman branded phone?
- Where do squirrels go in the winter and why did Barb call them out?
- Idiot squeals tires for no reason at a red light!
- Gotthava another swig o'WaWa and "don't cut me off"!
- Feedback from Jon & thanks for tellin' the WaWa folks!
- Mike gets a free Gmail account for giving me feedback. How do YOU get one?
- Good deed of the day; kct takes the commute-cast outside of the truck! Buckle up baby!
- What exactly IS a WaWa? Some facts for a future Jeopardy episode.
- Firefox hits 25 million downloads.
- Microsoft decides to release IE 7.0 beta in summer. Why only XP, SP2?
- Microsoft SpotWatch contest ends midnight 2/18.
- Outlook Skype from Peter Kalmström (not Nordstrom as I incorrectly said!) Geek News Central mentions a "Skype-killer", but I'm not so sure.
- kct joins The Podcast Network to co-host techADDICTION with jk
- Drive safely so I don't have to!

Send me feedback!

Thank you Barb for supporting me and letting me do these silly things I do! ;)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

WiFi routers for the mobile traveler

If you're on the road and need to stay connected, there are plenty of hotels offering high speed internet access these days. Do you have to give up the freedom of wireless connectivity? Not at all if you have the right equipment. Let the hotel provide the connectivity; you provide the router! CNET has a nice round up of four different routers that are ideal for travel. Why settle for a cramped room where you have to sit in a corner near the phone?

"These little routers remove your hotel-desk shackles. Plug one into your hotel room's broadband cable, and you've converted your room into a Wi-Fi hot spot. Travel routers let you compute anywhere in the room that you darn well please--heck, if you book a room next to the pool, you might be able to connect from the poolside."

CNET runs through the following four routers and provides pros & cons of each:

Apple's AirPort Express
Netgear's WGR101 Travel Router
3Com's Office Connect Travel Router
Asus's WL-330 Access Point

Any of these would free you from the hotel wires, but which is the best? You'll have to click the post title for the answer. I'm thinking of buying one of these babies to "sublet the subnet"....if the hotel charges me $10 a day, I could offer wireless access to several rooms around me for $5 and make a few bucks! Just kidding Paris Hilton....I wouldn't want to take any money out of daddy's pocket! ;)

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Nikon intros SLR with GPS and WiFi

My son isn't much more of a picture taker, but then again, he's only 7. I can remember countless rolls of film that resulted in fantastic close ups of his finger over the lens. Clearly, this was a case for a digital camera! It was several years ago that I purchased the whopping 1 Megapixel digital camera from HP. My how times have, Tom's Hardware is reporting that Nikon has a digital SLR camera with both GPS and WiFi!

"The camera also integrates 3D-color matrix metering to enable quick and reliable exposure calculations. As the D2X, and D1X/D1H, the DH2s is compatible with GPS systems and can record latitude, longitude and altitude taken from a GPS unit into the image's metadata. Additionally, wireless connectivity was updated to now support the new transmitter WT-2/2A and 802.11g."

This one will set you back about 3,500 clams; much more than the $99 special I bought a few years ago. I love the WiFi functionality; imagine taking pics while in range of your local WiFi network. Perhaps you won't even need to store the image on digital media within the camera; you could cache it internally and have it automatically forwarded to a PC on your network at a whopping 54 megabits per second! Not so sure about the GPS aspect....personally, if I don't know where I am, the last thing I plan to do is take a picture! ;>)

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

techAddiction podcast update

If you thought techAddiction was going to be yet another dry, boring podcast on mobile tech, I'm thinking you thought wrong! (Wait...let me re-read that...yup, that makes sense; just sounded funny when I said it in my head!)

techAddiction is not going to just discuss your every mobile tech fantasy, it's bound to be entertaining too. Actually, it might not discuss your EVERY mobile tech fantasy , just most of them. Well...even that's a tall order...someone's going to see the words "tech fantasy" and picture Woody Allen's orgasmatron in Sleeper. It's a safe bet that we're not reviewing that device!

Anyway: 'nuff said by me; I'll let you decide for yourself by looking at jk's introductory post. Look out "Comedy Central"; sure you can make people laugh, but can you make them laugh while talking tech? I think not!

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Lost: one functioning Taskbar

December 31st was a great day last year. You see, that's the day I ran around from store to store to get an end of year deal (and rebate!) on a new Tablet PC. Sheer bliss is how I can best describe my mobile computing since that day. Joy, happiness, mobility were all around me. I was blinded by the blind that I apparently misplaced the Taskbar! Well, not the Taskbar itself, but any minimized running applications. They simply disappeared from the Taskbar. Sure, I had my TIP (Tablet Input Panel) button and yes I still had the Quick Launch toolbar. The system tray was good too; just no applications in the Taskbar....quite annoying!

Enter the forums at jkOnTheRun! I posted my "Lost and Found" notice for one lost Taskbar. Sure enough, less than two hours later, forum member "yvilla" pointed me to Kelly's Korner for XP, which is chock full o' good tweaks! In fact, that's where I found one of several VB Scripts to fix my exact problem as well as the great Taskbar Repair Tool above! The site is just TOO good to keep to myself, so click the post title if you have a Taskbar issue and be sure to bookmark the site. I know I did! (Thanks again yvilla!) ;)

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Great WM Today screen app on sale

This isn't an affiliate offer, so I have NO financial incentive to bring you this news. I do, however, have other incentives to point out SPB Software House's Pocket Plus 2.5; namely, it's always the first application I add to a new Windows Mobile device! Yup, it's that good. Not only is that good, but it's on sale at for $15.96. Normal price is $19.95, so this is a pretty hefty discount.

Regular users of SPB software know that they make some great applications for Windows Mobile devices. If you're one of those "in the know", click the post title for the discount info. If you are a newer Windows Mobile user and you're looking for some great Today screen utilities (and more!), click Read More for additional information on why I love this software.

One of the main reasons I like Pocket Plus is due to how much functionality it's packed with! Here's a list, just to give you an idea:

# Today Plug-in:
Tabs. Battery, backlight, memory indicators, drag-and-drop
# File Explorer:
ZIP support, "Folder Up" button, storage card format, file properties
# Close Button:
The close (X) button really closes programs, task manager
# Pocket Internet Explorer:
Multiple windows, full screen mode, save as, view source
# Misc:
Taskbar battery indicator, extended Pocket PC themes, backup/restore

Pocket Plus provides a small, but usable tabbed interface on your Today screen which makes it both accessible and unobtrusive at the same time. My favorite part of the application is the battery meter that runs across the top of your Today screen, providing a nice indication of how much "juice" is left. Many of the options are customizable so you can modify icons for shortcuts, change indicators from actuals to percentages (handy for battery life and memory!), and even choose different Today screen themes.

If nothing else: as a new-ish Windows Mobile user, try the free download. I'm betting that at least 9 out of 10 of you don't regret it. If you're sold on the application, click the post title for the discount details and enjoy!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

TechAddiction podcast coming soon!

It's official! I have the privilege of working with some great people on a fantastic project! I mentioned The Podcast Network yesterday and here's the first surprise: every week I'll be co-hosting a tech podcast called "TechAddiction" with my friend James Kendrick (aka: jk)! If you've visited any sort of major tech site in the past year or two, you can find jk providing his unique and informative views on mobile technology and I'm honored to be involved with anything involving jk!

If you want the best in mobile tech, jkOnTheRun is a must-hit site multiple times per day. jk was one of the first (if not THE first) to get the TabletPC operating system running on a handheld PC in the U.S.; that should give you an idea of how mobile this tech-guru is! Here's an excerpt on the big TechAddiction news, straight from Mr. Mobility himself:

"I will be recording the techADDICTION show with good friend and brainy guy Kevin Tofel of kct's digital world and I can tell you we are both excited to be involved with Mick and Cam. TA will be a weekly show that discusses just about everything to do with mobile technology and how it relates to the real world. We plan on having entertaining interviews of people you read every day and generally having a good time talking about subjects that get our motors running. The first show should be appearing soon so check often so you can get your Doppler or iPodder (or your podcast engine of choice) tuned in so you won't miss an episode. The techADDICTION show will nicely augment the jkOnTheRun experience and I am confident you will enjoy this audio extension of the site."

I'm humbled and again honored for this great opportunity. As I told jk: I've just sent him an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt so listeners can tell us apart! ;) Watch for TechAddiction on The Podcast Network. While you're there, be sure to check the other podcast channels for other great 'casts as well! Click the post title for more great news at jkOnTheRun.

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DEMO is celebrating it's 15th year in existence by kicking off it's three day expo yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona. The show runs through tomorrow and you can get a good look at future products and technologies by clicking on the post title. I've linked this post to the "DEMOLetter" which is the official DEMO blog. In DEMOLetter, you can find commentary on each exhibit as well as some brief reactions. It's inevitable to see the "show gremlins" that always seem to interfere with the cool products, but there are many products that gave a successful Demo!

This year's DEMO is comprised of over 70 exhibitors, which sounds small when compared to last year's CES show, but DEMO really brings meaning to the term "cutting edge". Some of this years many cool exhibits include:

Motorola's iRadio

Sonaptic's 3D AudioEngine
MindJet's MindManager Accelerator

If you want to see emerging technologies, DEMO is for you!

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Websites: test your pages with multiple browsers!

Consider this an open plea to any company with an internet presence: please test your websites against more than just Internet Explorer and Netscape!

"I've performed software quality assurance of some type at three different companies in my IT career. Any time we tested web sites, we generally did so against Microsoft's Internet Explorer and occasionally against Netscape Navigator. It made sense at the time: IE was clearly the dominant player and Netscape was a distant but solid second. In case you haven't noticed: times have changed and there's a new sheriff in town.

Please test your sites across multiple browsers. Now that Mozilla's Firefox has surpassed 24 million downloads, you would think that this is a large enough number to evaluate you web testing plans going forward. Please don't just test with IE; consider testing with Firefox, the Mozilla suite, Opera and others. Be sure to test your pages with the images off also; there's a few folks still on dial-up and you wouldn't to further alienate potential customers would you?

Special note to Microsoft: Yes, you're still 'king of the browser world' and I don't dispute that. But please: grow up and allow your key sites to be viewed with Firefox and others. It's bad enough that I have to get patches for your software on a regular basis to begin with. At least open up your Windows Update site to work with non-IE browsers so you don't add more salt to the wound."

Kevin C. Tofel

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Adam Curry mentions the Commute-cast again!

I really blew it today even though I had the best of intentions. I created an "anti-promo" of the commute-cast and sent it to Adam Curry. I realized a few days ago that some folks were using iPodderSP to get the commute-cast on their SmartPhone and hey: for the safety interests of all involved, I sent the attached .mp3 to Adam on Friday night.

OK, it's really an "anti-promo" promo! ;>) It's 45 seconds long and was played in today's Daily Source Code! Click the post title to give it a listen and you'll understand what I mean! You might even get a chuckle out of it....I know he did! For you iPodderSP folks out there: this one's for you! (All of you since there are multiple iPodderSP users!) Thanks for the support....

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Podcast Network goes live!

If you've sensed a "podcast" theme here lately, there's an awfully good reason and it culminates today! Today is the day that "The Podcast Network" goes live! This will be HUGE, so check it out. "The Podcast Network" is the brainchild of Mick & Cam from the "G'day World" podcast from Australia. In fact, they technically launched "The Podcast Network" tomorrow, but because of the time difference, you get the news the day before it really happens! ;>)

There will be some major players in the tech world that host the podcast shows, so this can literally be your "one stop shopping" for great podcast content. From Mac to Windows to Linux and more, you will find all the tech you can take on "The Podcast Network"! I have some inside info on the content and players, and....well....I'll let you be surprised!

So update your podcatchers with the new feed. Trust me: you'll want to be watching The Podcast Network from day 1!

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Podcasting growth at Feedburner

If you think podcasting isn't growing, you might want to read this info from Feedburner. Feedburner is a free services that "burns" a blog feed into a format for syndication, such as RSS or XML. I use Feedburner to provide my feed to the faithful "digital world" crowd and now also for the many commuters listening to the weekly "Commute-Cast". The below graph shows the number of podcast feeds that Feedburner is managing.

Additional information after the "Read More" jump...

Feedburner also provides some trend information on podcast listeners as well:

"Ok, sure, people are podcasting, but is anybody listening? Yes. There are several podcasts in the top 50 feeds we manage. A couple of these have over 3000 subscribers/listeners.

Overall, we measured 13,500 listeners to podcasts that FeedBurner managed at the beginning of January and 24,000 listeners at the beginning of February. Doing the math from the chart above, you can see that this runs at a steady average of about 14-15 listeners per podcast. When you plot the curve of listeners across all the podcasts we manage, it looks like the characteristic "long tail" power curve that we see for blog feed subscribers."

Sounds to me like this content delivery method has a very bright future, but of course I'm biased since I call myself a "podcaster"! ;>) More importantly is: what do YOU think? Are you listening to podcasts on a regular basis? Where are you listening to them: home, work, YOUR COMMUTE? ;) Let me know if you see this is a viable and growing approach to media!

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Jason Mark's Tablet PC experiences

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Tax software reviews

If you're a state-side "digital world'r", you should have most of what you need to complete your U.S. Income Taxes at this point. Supporting documents from employers, banks and financial institutions are required to be mailed to you by January 31st. So, you've got all of your personal information, but: do you have your tax software yet?

I don't have mine and I've used both Intuit's TurboTax and Kiplinger's TaxCut for years. There are some other tax applications, but I generally stick with one of these two. Which is the best choice? That's certainly open to debate and each year, I review my choices to see which is best for me. To help you out, I'm attaching some reviews and round-ups of tax software. Give these a read so you can make the choice that's best for you!

Tax Software Review at PCWorld

Tax Software Roundup at Home Office Reports

If you want tax information direct from the source, click the I.R.S. logo at the beginning of the post. Good luck with your taxes!

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Need a Gmail account?

As I indicated earlier this week, I think Google is prepping to launch their Gmail service out of beta and into a full public release. Since I currently have 50 Gmail invites, I thought I would share them first with you "digital world'rs". I appreciate your support, interest and feedback, so it's the least I can do!

However, I have one small request, so here's what I'd like to do. If you want a Gmail invite:

1. Send me a note at my Gmail account indicating you want an invite.
2. In your note, provide me at least one point of feedback on my blog or my "commute-cast". This can be positive OR constructive criticism. There's no requirement to make it "glowing" feedback; the only requirement is your honesty!
3. Ask just three more people to hit my site or listen to a "commute-cast". While I'll never know if you TRULY do this, I am again asking for your honesty.

That's it! The invites are yours for the taking! I'll place a post on the main page when and if I run out. Thanks again for your support and feedback.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

Show notes available for this week's commute

Sorry for the delay, but I have to blame it on 2 things:

1. My DSL wasn't very cooperative at 5am this morning for some reason....grrr.....
2. It's one thing to record a podcast while driving and drinking WaWa coffee. It's something else entirely to type the show notes at the same time!!!! ;>)

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Commute-cast 02/10/2005

Length: 25 minutes
Size: 11.4 MB

Click the post title to listen (or get Doppler)!

- Intro
- Weather update: "drippy" or "drizzly"?
- My supportive better-looking than me other half: Barb!
- Digital service station signage: pretty red lights or good economics?
- JKOnTheRun: the best mobile tech website!
- G'day World: Mick and Cam's podcast from down under (my Aussie accent is lacking)
- Marc Orchant on the G'day World podcast
- Cool! I have the same Tablet PC as Marc (but he's more productive)
- Marc's blogs:
---- (a blog about Microsoft Office)
---- (a blog about Tablet PCs)
---- (Marc's Outlook on Productivity)
- WaWa plug #1: I'm down a quart of coffee, will they be the official coffee of the 'commute cast'?
- The Gigapixel camera at Paul's Blog.
- WaWa plug #2
- Save this for Jeopardy: How does kct take his coffee?
- Paul, where's your band promo?
- Wanted: "traffic-y, commute-y" music or why I need dance lessons.
- Software patches from Microsoft and duct tape
- Does anyone else see this as problem? MS to sell software that protects their software???
- One more WaWa plug during a very close call.
- Barb's take on Ash Wednesday. Not meant to offend, just an amusing point of view as some idiot cuts me off!
- Microsoft working overtime to fix the Tablet PC memory leak I reported last week.
- Pinewood Derby Debacle from last week: my neighbor played it straight. Should there be instant replay or challenges for the Derby???
- Future sound enhancements for the commute-cast from Paul & his band.

Send me an audio question in the format of your choice!
Send me feedback on this commute-cast!

Drive safely -- kct

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

SMS alerts for credit card fraud

Ever have a credit card company contact you after you made a large purchase? Were they alerting you to potential fraud? Worse yet: did they NOT tip you off you on potential fraud that turned out to be a real issue? Thanks to mobile technology, this may be an issue of the past. InfoWorld is reporting that MasterCard has a new SMS, or Short Messaging Service, to alert consumers to potential credit card fraud:

"MasterCard has joined with mBlox, a service provider of mobile messaging infrastructure, to add an SMS option to its Aristion fraud detection system and is making Aristion Communicator available to banks beginning Wednesday.

MasterCard is advising that banks offer the SMS service to its customers on an opt-in basis. Customers who want to take part in the service, and who have and use a mobile phone, must then go through a registration process. Once registered, customers will be contacted by SMS should a high-risk transaction be detected, and can then either approve the transaction or block it."

What a great feature and use of mobile tech! My only concern is: what messages did MasterCard program into the system? Will they be in "mobile chat"? I can see it now: "Did U spend $1k @ Mall 2nite?"

Click the post title for the full story.

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Aggregator alphabet soup

I constantly watch my web stats to see various attribute like where are people referred from, what browser is used, etc... Lately, I've followed the news reader \ RSS aggregator applications. What's interesting to me is that there is a mix of PC and non-PC applications, as well as podcasting aggregators and regular news aggregators:

Interestingly enough, I see that at least one person is pulling my podcasts down to a SmartPhone with iPodderSP! I now have a major fear that someone is listening to the weekly "commute-cast" while driving and holding the phone! Whoever you folks are: BE CAREFUL!!!

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Where's the "all of the above" choice?

Sorry, just too funny not to share. I was filling out a Microsoft survey tonight and came across this question.

There's a "None of the Above" option, which is standard, but I think they should consider an "All of the Above" to save us all some time..... ;>)

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Microsoft to fix Tablet PC memory leak

As reported last week, there appears to be a Tablet PC memory leak with one of the core functions of the operating system. Today, Microsoft Watch reports that Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and intends to address it:

"Microsoft is working overtime on a fix to the memory leak bug that is causing some Tablet PC customers' machines to overflow with virtual ink, according to company officials. "It's unclear for now how we'll deliver the fix," acknowledged Frank Gocinski, ISV and business-development manager for Microsoft's mobile platforms division. Microsoft has no imminent plans to deliver a new Tablet PC service pack, he said. But the company might just post the fix, as soon as it is available, to the Tablet Web site for download, he said. There's no ETA yet on the fix, Gocinski said."

Initially, I was concerned that this issue would not be addressed since the Tablet PC represents such a small part of the notebook market. However, this is a positive sign from Microsoft and further shows their recent commitment to supporting and marketing the Tablet PC as a viable, mobile productivity platform.

Until Microsoft fixes the issue with a patch, you might consider some of the workarounds in the forums at jkOnTheRun.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Looking for a 64bit capable Windows OS?

If you've got the following capable hardware and a need for "uber-powered" computing, you're in luck. RC1 of the Windows XP Professional x64 Edition is yours for the asking. Here's what you will need per Microsoft's site:

Supported processors include:
AMD Athlon 64 processors
AMD Opteron processors
Intel Xeon processors including Intel EM64T
Intel Pentium 4 processors including Intel EM64T
1.5GB available hard disk space
Super VGA (800x600) or higher graphics card
CD-ROM or DVD drive
Keyboard and Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

I don't have any of these specs in house just yet, so I'll let you do the 534MB download and tell me how it works! The file is in ISO format and must be burned to CD.

C'mon, I just know that someone wants to click the post title, grab a free RC1 version and report back in! As a sidenote, the order site was a little flaky but once you add the free download to your cart, you can click the Cart button to get "past the flaky-ness".

Thanks to FlexBeta for the information.

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The next 10 years of media

What if you had a window that showed you the next 10 years of media history? What if the following happened during that 10 years:

Google and Amazon merge.
Traditional media is displaced by bloggers.
Microsoft can't compete with the new Googlezon conglomerate.
Every individual adds media information to the rest of the world.

What if you had 8 minutes to view a video to see what I was talking about? Click the post title and think about the next 8 minutes. Then take 1 minute to come back and comment on what you just saw 10 years out.

Thanks to Adam Curry for the link.

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Sudden plethora of Gmail invites

Hmmm....has Google tipped their hand and positioned their wildly successfully beta of Gmail to a full production release in the very near future? During the beta period, Google typically provided 6 invites to friends on a semi-regular basis. I went in to check my Gmail account a few minutes ago and what did I see:

Either Google thinks I have more friends than I actually do (last count was 7 and one of them was iffy at best) or they are gearing up for the beta users to help roll out the public version of Gmail in my opinion.

My beta experience has been nothing short of outstanding. The web interface is slick and the label mechanism used to categorize e-mail is extremely effective. Add a mega-load of storage space (1 GB for the beta), the ability to read Gmail in a news aggregator and a Gmail notifier applet for good measure and you've got a powerful e-mail client accessible from just about anywhere on the web.

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Win a Swatch SPOT Watch

One of my favorite mobility tools by far is my Microsoft SPOT Watch. I opted for function over fashion and purchased the basic Abacus model from Fossil. Of course, the rebate really made the deal for me, but I digress....

If you think you can present a good case for the next SPOT enabled device, click the post title and enter the contest over at To win the contest, you have to have the best answer to the following question:

"What SPOT-enabled device would you like to see in the future and what features would it have?"

Entries will be judged by BOTH AND Microsoft, so your idea could be the next big SPOT device!

For those not familiar with SPOT, I use my watch daily to:
Receive news
Check sports
View stock prices of the major markets and the companies of my choosing
Recieve Instant Messages
Get calendar reminders from Outlook
View movie listings in my area
See current weather conditions as well as view the 3 day forecast
And of course.....tell time (and you can do that with mutliple watch faces!)

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Doppler 2.0 released for podcatching

Since Podcasting hit last October, various "podcatching" applications or software that pulls podcasts feeds have hit the market. iPodder tends to be the mainstay for Mac users, but since I'm currently a Windows user, I opted to search for a different application and found Doppler. Doppler has quickly added tons of great features over the past several months and has remained freeware.

Yesterday, Doppler version 2.0 Gold was released and as usual, the feature list has grown. Here's a sample of what's new in version 2.0:

- Multi-threaded, simultaneous downloads
- Download resumes
- Automatic retry of up to 10 retrieval attempts
- Tag rewriting
- Choice of Bloglines categories to synch

Doppler's main screen remains clean and effective:

More screen shots and information after the "Read More" jump.

One of the features I use the most is the lightweight RSS reader to review podcast show notes and other blog entries:

I've recently added a Bloglines subscription to my daily review and now I can use Doppler to pull feeds in the categories of my choice.

First and foremost, Doppler does precisely what it's designed to do. More importantly, Doppler does so much more and does it well. The development team has always been responsive to my questions and the support is outstanding. Watch for more updates from the Doppler team and if you haven't already, consider donating to the cause. If you like the software and use it regularly, it's only fair to reward the developer for their efforts. Besides, it was a thrill to contribute Euros without leaving the States!

Click the post title for more information from the Doppler site.

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Pic of the iPaq Mobile Messenger?

Last week, I posted the pre-announcements of HP's iPaq Mobile Messenger, both here and on Pocket PC Tools. Typically there are PhotoShop mock-ups of new devices as they are announced, so I usually wait to see what happens. At this point, I think we've seen the real deal, so I'm posting a pic here of what Mobile Tracker thinks the device will be:

The reason I think this is legit is based on the specs in the pre-announcement. The device will be cell phone capable and have a built in keyboard. The device also runs the Windows Mobile Second Edition (SE) operating system and that's the only WM operating system that supports a square screen, just like the picture sports. My take is that the device screen is a 480 x 480 resolution. More to follow, but I think it's safe to say that this is the planned device.

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13 patches from Microsoft tomorrow

Along the lines of "Super Bowl Week", tomorrow could be considered "Super Patch Day". Microsoft is expected to release at least 13 patches to close up potential security holes in Office, Windows Media Player, MSN Messenger and the 'swiss cheese' of browsers: Internet Explorer.

According to eWeek: "In all, Microsoft Corp. plans to release nine bulletins affecting products that ship with the Microsoft Windows operating system. This will include a planned fix for Internet Explorer.

A separate advisory affecting Microsoft Windows, Windows Media Player and MSN Messenger also will be released with patches. The maximum severity rating for this patch is "critical," Microsoft said."

Updates are typically available through the Microsoft Windows Update site. Just be sure to use Internet Explorer for the update as it is the only browser supported. Once you get the updates, it might be worth switching over to Firefox! ;)

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Commute-cast 02/03/2005

Time for my Thursday morning commute...hey, drive safe and let's all commute together!

Length: 25 minutes
Size: 11.3 MB

Click the post title to stream or download directly.

- What is today's date? I goofed...
- Weather observations (18 degrees today, -7 degrees last week!)
- kct makes Adam Curry's Daily Source Code!
- digital world promo on the Lance's Digital Experience Podcast.
- Let's talk tech: Tablet PC productivity and multitasking with Skype.
- The "Pinewood Derby" debacle next door! (Check the rules you cheaters!)
- How not to put up a garage door opener (or why the car seats are cold).
- HDTV and the SuperBowl next door on a 50" DLP Samsung TV. (Thanks Josh!)
WaWa coffee plug #1.
- Which HDTV format has more pixels: 720p or 1080i? Do the math.
- Recent links to kct: Daily Source Code, Digital Man's Outtakes, Optical Poptitude, Digital Podcasts.
- Microsoft acknowledges a Tablet PC memory leak.
- WaWa coffee plug #2! SHOW ME THE COFFEE!
- Why don't I get paid for this? Click my PayPal button and send me a buck!
- HP pre-announces the iPaq Mobile Messenger. What are the specs and the price estimate?
- Engadget: a must hit site every day.
- More to say, but no commute left! I'll save some for next week...

I'm looking for some royalty-free "commute sounding theme"...let me know if you have something in mind to open and close the show with!

Send me audio questions in the file format of your choice.
Send me feedback on this 'cast.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Illegal software: use it and lose it!

I'm against software piracy as much as the next guy, but I'm thinking that one developer has gone too far. Anton Tomov is a developer for Windows Mobile devices and I've used his Pocket HackMaster application in the past: it's a very capable program. In addition, Anton provides timely and solid support. I read something today at jkOnTheRun however, that has me slightly concerned:

"It appears that Mr. Tomov recently distributed an update to the Pocket Mechanic program that includes some malicious anti-piracy code. Of course whether or not it is malicious depends on which side of the firing line you fall on. The program apparently detects if the executed program is a legally licensed one and if not it erases your entire Windows Mobile device by hard resetting it. It has reportedly wiped out a removable storage card, too."

Again, let me go on the record to say software piracy is illegal. I don't think that justifies a developer to remove software that he or she didn't create however. Click the post title for the full story.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Paul can Roku, can U?

One of my good friends at work runs a great tech blog that I have in my blogroll here. Paul's Blog is written by...well....Paul! Earlier this week, Paul told me about the Roku M500 he purchased. The M500 is a wireless device that lets you pump your music collection from your PC's to your higher end sound system. The M500 supports iTunes, Windows Media Player and more.

I had hoped to tell you more about Paul's M500, but he didn't give me time: he took it back and upgraded two models to the M2000!

"Recently, I purchased a Roku SoundBridge M2000; which is a device that lets me play my digital audio library (stored on my PC) through an audio system. It does this by using a WiFi network connection to the PC and it "talks" to my iTunes (iPod library) software to get to the music (I have to share out my iTunes library using the built in "sharing" - it's UPnP for all of you geeks out there!). It then transmits the data from the library, by way of an audio stream, to the Roku. The Roku processes the audio stream's data into the actual audio heard through my sound system."

Paul has a nice write up on the device capabilities, give the post title a click to read it for yourself! In the meantime, I'm saving up for a Roku!

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HP announces new iPaq Mobile Messenger

Today, HP is announcing a new iPaq model dubbed the "iPaq Mobile Messenger". This device will take advantage of faster EDGE cellular \ wireless technology for data and provide voice service as well. Other features include GPS navigation, a built in keyboard, and full Microsoft Exchange 2003 synchronization.

Sounds like an advanced all in one device and I'm curious to see the design. Will it be bulky or svelte? I'm going with "bulky" due to the GPS and keyboard but we'll see later this year. Click the post title for the full details of the announcement over at PocketPC

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tablet PC memory leak

A few days ago, The Register in the UK reported a Tablet PC bug that appears as a memory leak. Unfortunately, the bug is allegedly in one of the most prevalent processes of the Tablet PC OS: Tabtip.exe which is the process that handles handwriting recognition:

"The program Tabtip.exe increases in size due to a memory leak. It starts out at approximately 10MB. I have seen it zoom up to over 150MB after a couple of weeks of suspend/resume." Tabtip.exe is quite an important application - it's the built-in ink digitizer responsible for handwriting recognition. Without it, you must buy and install a third-party recognition software, or plug in a keyboard."

Today I received some Q & A on the subject from the Microsoft Tablet PC Partner program. It appears that the bug is acknowledged, more after the "Read More" jump.


Q. Why hasn’t Microsoft addressed this bug?
A. In response to recent customer feedback, Microsoft is actively investigating the bug and will take the appropriate action to provide our customers and partners with the necessary tools to resolve any system issues via the Microsoft Tablet PC or Windows Update websites.

Q. How long will it take for Microsoft to post a solution?
A. Microsoft is working quickly to investigate and resolve the issue; timing of a solution has not yet been determined.

Q. If I don’t use the Tablet PC Input Panel, will my machine be impacted?
A. Yes. Whether you notice any impact or not will depend on the amount of memory you have and your usage pattern.

Q. After I reboot, will my system be restored back to standard performance?
A. Yes, it will be restored. We recommend you reboot whenever you notice performance degradation. Most people will only need to reboot once every 2-3 days.

There you have it; you know what I know. I've been watching the Tabtip.exe process in my Task Manager and see it slowly growing. Instead of Hibernating for days upon days, I'll likely reboot every few days just to be safe. More to follow.....

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Is today "kct's podcast" day and nobody told me?

My first surprise today was the mention on Adam Curry's "Daily Source Code" podcast, but today is a double treat! I see that Lance put out another "Digital Experience Podcast" today and he played a one minute promo for my 'cast! If you haven't listened to the DEP, give Lance's cast a try. Here's a few excerpts from his show notes today, which give you a good idea as to why I listen to the DEP:

# Correct way to reboot my clickwheel iPod
# Who decides a songs genre?
# Free WiFi at my gas station?
# Trackback spam is coming in
# Makers of Quicken disable Internet banking features for older software
# Podcasting or regular feeds with FeedBurner
# Use Ping-O-Matic with feedburner and others
# iPodder 2 beta
# KCT’s Digital World promo <--- Thanks Lance!
# Gillmor Gang talks about proper podcasting

If you're really curious how many subscribers I have to my 'cast, you'll have to listen to the promo in today's DEP!

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Perhaps the 'commute-cast' isn't a bad idea after all!

You regular "digital world'rs" might have seen my conceptual podcast last week; the one I call the "commute-cast". In case you missed it, you can grab the .mp3 file here. As a concept, it's a little different. I basically have a stream of consciousness on my way to work that I record on Thursday's and share with y'all on Friday's. In essence, we commute together because you can listen on your way to work using an FM transmitter like the Belkin TuneCast hooked up to your digital audio player, for example. I can also tech your tech questions if you send me: send me an audio file by Wednesday night that I can burn to CD and I'll play your question during the commute!

I thought the concept was good so I passed a brief .mp3 over to the "king of podcasting", Adam Curry last week. I listen to Adam's Daily Source Code every day....that's the "daily" part! ;) Lo and behold, I was checking his show notes for today's show and there's the commute-cast! Adam plays the one minute .mp3 explanation I sent him and says he'll be subscribing! never know what's going to happen to me or come out of my mouth on the way to work. You'll just have to do what Adam Curry does: tune in on Fridays! Use the XML button or RSS feed and your favorite podcast aggregator to subscribe.

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